Do it Alone, or use a REALTOR®

The fact is, most people who try to sell their own home end up using a REALTOR® in the end anyway. Before anybody decides to fly solo through this complex, time consuming and financially perilous process, they should consider these questions. Will you really “save” the real estate commission? When buyers see a home forContinue reading “Do it Alone, or use a REALTOR®”

Electricity Prices Are Changing

Although electricity prices are rising, you may be eligible for credits and benefits that can help manage costs. The new Ontario Clean Energy Benefit takes 10 per cent off electricity bills for families, farms and small businesses. The average household will see savings of about $150 this year. The credit will be applied directly toContinue reading “Electricity Prices Are Changing”

QR Code Technology On All My Listings

QR codes, also known as tags, are part of an emerging technology that allows consumers to point their smart phone cameras at my listings yard signs, flyers or feature sheets, allowing them to link to my website for additional property information. These interactive codes, create an instant connection to the web via a smart phone browserContinue reading “QR Code Technology On All My Listings”